Help Wanted!

I am going through my closets full of old and new clothes. I have a ton of clothes but just like most ladies, I look in my closet and say I have nothing to wear. So, I will put together outfits and ask for opinions. I need to purge lots of clothing for sure. So, I expect honesty!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I like this one.  I actually bought this at a store that I thought I would never buy anything from because I always thought they had clothes for the older ladies.  I used to call it the teacher store. No offense to the teachers out there.  I have some very stylish teacher friends.   Maybe I am getting old.  Now I find lots of shirts and jewelry that I like there. 

So, I guess maybe my question for my readers should be "Is this an old lady shirt? " and " would you wear it?"

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  1. I like the top. It looks very comfy and big tops are in right now. Love the necklace too. Found you via Susan's blog and loving this project. I need to cull my closet too so it's fun to see someone else doing the same thing.