Help Wanted!

I am going through my closets full of old and new clothes. I have a ton of clothes but just like most ladies, I look in my closet and say I have nothing to wear. So, I will put together outfits and ask for opinions. I need to purge lots of clothing for sure. So, I expect honesty!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ok, I really like this one.  I haven't worn the shawl (poncho?) since fall.  Again, it was shoved way in the back and I forgot about it.  Would it be better with skinny jeans and brown boots?  But I only have dark skinny jeans and I kind of like the Earthy colors with the light colored jeans.  Here are some accessories:

So, I would love opinions on how this outfit is put together.  Positive and negative.  Constructive criticism is great.   I am going to a country music concert this weekend and I was thinking about wearing this so I need opinions soon :)


  1. Do you have any long necklaces you can where? The shawl is cute but you need to break it up a little otherwise it looks a bit plane and boring. I think you are spot on wearing it to the country concert(although Ive never been to one). Love the boots, skip the watch, wear a chunky ring. The earings I'm on the fence about because I dont know what your necklace options are. Hope this helps :)

  2. I took your advice for the concert and I totally agree with you on it. I added a neclase, lost the watch, and added a chunky ring. Thanks!!!